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Take source innovation as the main driving force and promote industrial technology upgrading

Sichuan sidaneng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection high-tech group enterprise specializing in gas purification, liquid treatment and online supervision platform of medical waste Internet of things. Its main business includes project consulting, planning and design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, etc.

The company's subsidiaries hold Chengdu sidaneng environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., Sichuan Siyuan Chuangda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Jinrong Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chaorong Separation Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan shuotaisepu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Adhering to the mission of taking source innovation as the main driving force and promoting industrial technology upgrading, the company is committed to providing enterprises with technical solutions and engineering application solutions for cleaner production, energy conservation and environmental protection with membrane and membrane separation technology.

The company employs a number of domestic well-known environmental protection and industry technical experts as consultants, has reached strategic cooperative relations with many domestic first-class universities, scientific research institutes and national key laboratories, and has established a diversified professional scientific research system by means of joint laboratories and so on.

The company has two general contracting qualifications: Grade III General Contracting of municipal public works construction and grade III professional contracting of environmental protection works. Three class A qualifications: air pollution control, water pollution control and environmental protection equipment manufacturing. Three class B qualifications: comprehensive utilization of resources, noise and vibration, and solid waste treatment and disposal. The company has the evaluation certificate of the operation service capacity of pollution control facilities, "industrial waste gas treatment class II", "industrial wastewater treatment class II", "domestic sewage treatment class II" and "dust removal, desulfurization and denitration class II".

The independent intellectual property rights owned by the company have been applied for 196 patents, 2 international PCT patents and 118 authorized.

The company's four national scientific research achievements: "lithium salt membrane concentration technology by sulfuric acid method", "high efficiency membrane concentration technology of industrial unsaturated liquid", "directional membrane separation technology of liquid-phase multi salt system" and "resource utilization technology of nitrogen-containing by-waste in metallurgical industry" have been issued the "international advanced" scientific and technological achievement registration certificate by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The company has passed five system Certifications: "weapons and equipment quality management system certification", "quality management system certification", "occupational health and safety management system certification", "environmental management system certification" and "intellectual property management system certification".

The company's products are used in lithium battery, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, printing and dyeing, new energy materials, military industry, nuclear power, hospitals and other industries, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many large leading listed companies and central enterprises in the industry. The company's products have reliable quality, excellent performance and good economic and social benefits. We always adhere to providing customers with the most appropriate solutions and the best service.

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corporate culture
  • Forward thinking and in-depth thinking, form a distinctive source innovation thought, and determine the goal and vision of the enterprise.
  • Innovative mode, adopt advanced management and technology, achieve goals and realize vision.
  • Establish a two-sided market, create and share value through integration, integration and innovation, and achieve stakeholders.
  • Our mission
    Take source innovation as the main driving force and promote industrial technology upgrading
  • Core values
    Create value and share value
  • Enterprise purpose
    Responsibility and responsibility, harmonious development, win-win development, and symbiosis of interests
  • Enterprise spirit
    Responsibility, value, integration and innovation
  • Brand spirit
    Advanced, reliable, lean value
  • Team culture
    Pragmatic, efficient, cooperative and innovative
Leadership speech

This is an era of passion and waves scouring the sand!

This is an era of integration, integration and innovation, and an era of win-win cooperation!

Sida Neng people stand at the height of the world, follow the trend, establish a two-sided market with leading source innovation ideas, promote the realization of "cleaner production, energy conservation and environmental protection, industrial upgrading and ecological health" with practical actions, and practice our common historical mission of realizing blue sky and clear water.

Our goal is high, our responsibility is great, we are proud of it, we live and struggle.

Let us sincerely cooperate to create value, share value, achieve each other and relevant parties.

The trend is what people want.

The trend of the times comes, let's work hard! strive! Try again!

Look forward to your visit and guidance towards our great reason!

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